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The message

This is David´s story. He is seven years, and is tall and with short brown hair. He has blue eyes.
It was a cold rainy day and it was raining when David got up to go to school. It was a typical day in his house and his mother has a made a good breakfast. After, he caught the school bus. He looked for Amy, but his friend wasn´t in the bus. He thought that she was ill.  The first classes were boring. He didn’t like maths or language. When the bell rang he rang out of class. It was break time, and he ate a lettuce and tomato sandwich, and banana. When he was sitting at table with his friends, suddenly a tree leaf fell. It had a message on it and it was signed by Amy. The message said: “See you in my house at 15.00 p.m”.
Amy was an imaginative, cheerful, sensitive, and independent girl who had long brown hair and hazel eyes. She didn’t parents and she lived with her grandmother, in the suburbs of a small town.
When David came to Amy´s house he knocked the door, but nobody answered it. He …