The message

This is David´s story. He is seven years, and is tall and with short brown hair. He has blue eyes.

It was a cold rainy day and it was raining when David got up to go to school. It was a typical day in his house and his mother has a made a good breakfast. After, he caught the school bus. He looked for Amy, but his friend wasn´t in the bus. He thought that she was ill.  The first classes were boring. He didn’t like maths or language. When the bell rang he rang out of class. It was break time, and he ate a lettuce and tomato sandwich, and banana. When he was sitting at table with his friends, suddenly a tree leaf fell. It had a message on it and it was signed by Amy. The message said: “See you in my house at 15.00 p.m”.

Amy was an imaginative, cheerful, sensitive, and independent girl who had long brown hair and hazel eyes. She didn’t parents and she lived with her grandmother, in the suburbs of a small town.

When David came to Amy´s house he knocked the door, but nobody answered it. He remembered that there was another door behind house. When he entered the house he could see that it was empty. He was frightened and he asked himself where Amy and her grandmother were. He was walking for the house and he stopped when he saw an arm behind the room´s door.  A note had been written in blood in the arm. “If you want to see your friend alive, you should be at the train station at 15. 15 p.m” But who wrote it? Where was Amy? Many questions but not time. He should be in this station in five minutes.

When he came to the station it was 15.14 p.m, but there was nobody here. He asked the ticket seller if he had seen a girl with hazel eyes, but he hadn´t seen anyone. So, he sat on a bench. After a while he saw a note: “Now, you might take on the next train to…” The note couldn´t read well because it was raining and it was wet. He bought a ticket in a ticket office for the next station.  When he arrived, there was a man in the platform with his friend. The man was wearing a black coat.

Amy said that the man was her grandfather, and that her grandmother had died because they saved an important jewel. It was stolen by Amy´s grandparents when he was a mobster in an Italian organized crime.

-Now, that you know the family secret you can´t return. You help us find the man with us that man who killed his grandmother and find the jewel.

The man who killed grandmother was Amy´s father. He was working for Russian organized crime. From this day on David´s life changed and now he has another identity and he is working for Amy, the new mafia boss. The grandfather was killed but the jewel hasn´t been found yet.


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